Kismet: Size2Shoes in L.A.


And so no sooner were Moley & Eoin ensconced in the arms of Manhattan island, New York City, that they again took up arms and headed for the Mount Olympus of performing arts, Los Angeles.

Had the brothers no sense?

Do they never rest?

Yes...We do....

But we were in LA last week….

We met a great contact called Brent Smith from a little office called William Morris Endeavour. This gargantuan agency represented Charlie Chaplin...and basically every other star in since! Needless to say Mr. Smith told us that William Morris was too big an agency for a small familial supergroup such as SIZE2SHOES, but he did say that he would personally keep an eye out for a smaller manager that would suit our needs.
Much obliged Mr. Smith....much obliged...

We also met with the well liked 'tastemaker' Sat Bisla and his A'n'R Worldwide group, who pull a lot of strings on the radio circuit, that certainly was a meeting SIZE2SHOES will never forget, nor will Mr. Bisla or his VP Monte Malone forget it too easily either we suspect.
SIZE2SHOES were told that there was 'no such thing as overnight success'...but the brothers chose to battle on regardless in their search for inexplicable trendiness.

With those two meetings with two of the music industry's highest Oracles over with, the brothers made their way to the relative safety of a weekend retreat with the poet David Whyte in California's version of the Irish town of Kilkee, La Jolla.

There the brothers drew from the ancient streams of music in the Gregorian chant and Irish sean nos song taught to them by their mother Dr. Noirin ni Riain to accompany the poet as he, in turn, drew from his stunning oratorical repertoire to reinvigorate an inquisitive San Diego audience. We love David Whytes performances. We loved La Jolla Yoga Center.

Then we headed back to LA for a dinner party with said Mr David Whyte. When one accompanies David Whyte anywhere one is always taught something. The brothers, Owen & Moley, were encouraged to reach beyond their current tongue in cheek repertoire and really 'own' their musical heritage and lay claim to the real meaning of their upbringing....could there be a more meaningful story to SIZE2SHOES other than a summery, vaudevillian, and fantastically virtuosic double act?

….Is there something deeper that these brothers represent?

….Is it important to bring forward a more elemental articulation of their essentially Irish musical/familial experience?

….Or will Owen & Moley keep on being wacky, laying waste to audiences where'er they go?

We will keep you posted.

The brothers spent what they thought was their last night in LA hanging out with the poet David Whyte and other friends at the summit of popular cultures Mount Olympus. And while actively living the dream SIZE2SHOES were struck by Kismet.

The Oscars...The Oscars?
After playing a few songs informally after dinner to several people in the kitchen of our gracious hosts, SIZE2SHOES were approached by a young man called JJ Abrams and his wife Katie Mc Grath. They, having experienced the elemental power of the brothers, invited them to perform at a party that they were organizing later that week in LA. They obligingly agreed to fix the flight plans and the brothers accepted their invitation on the spot! SIZE2SHOES, 3 nights later, performed at an event called 'OSCAR WILDE' @ BAD ROBOT Studios, Santa Monica...

In the aftermath of this immediate and very generous offer JJ & Katie Mc Grath, over coffee and buns, then told us how they were in partnership with an organisation called The US-Ireland Alliance. SIZE2SHOES froze in amazement, as the president, and founder, of that very organisation is a woman called Trina Vargo...

Trina Vargo

...she is the woman who introduced Owen, the elder brother of SIZE2SHOES, to his fiance Andrea in the brothers home in Ireland 2 years ago...Trina Vargo is the woman who organises a bursary called The Mitchell Scholarship that sends young, beautiful, Americans to Ireland and it was then that she introduced former Mitchell scholar 2009/2010 Andrea Laidman to Owen O Suillebahain in his very kitchen in the wilds of county Tipperary, Ireland. It is difficult to communicate the depth of this global synchronicity in blog form, but it is a story we had to tell as a Kismetic concurrence such as this should never be kept under wraps in this the age of the SIZE2SHOES blog.

S2S @ Oscare Wilde

SIZE2SHOES shared the stage with Irish superstars Sharon Corr, Cathy Davey, and Colin Devlin. Here is a shot of Eoin & Moley performing for a front row including Steven Spielberg, his WONDERFUL wife Kate Capshaw,and JJ Abrams with his wonderful wife Katie McGrath.

The audience at that event were amazing and amazed. Everything we at SIZE2SHOES have been working towards for the last several years was realised beyond our wildest dreams at that performance. Thanks to Katie McGrath & JJ Abrams, and a special shout out to matchmaker and ultimately smooth operator Trina Vargo, and her enlightened board, for setting up the stage that we performed on....could it be that this happy case of Kismet could be the beginning of SIZE2SHOES becoming a presence in Los Angeles? Lets hope so...
Thanks for reading...thanks for all your continued support...we will see you on down the road...

PS: OK if you're still here you are obviously sticking around for some namedropping :) Good on you.
Well we met the wacky Irish American actor Donal Logue, who was so funny and cool, also we met the bauld Dublins Colin Farrell, we have been BIG fans of his work, and Owen has a dream of one day playing his 'ass double' in a movie. Dont worry ladies, Owen has been told by a a Limerick physiotherapist that he 'has the best legs in Ireland'! Colin Farrell told SIZE2SHOES to 'keep putting it out there, as your obviously giving out the right vibe'...So if there are any casting agents out there please get in touch:)

We also met the legendary actor Dana Delaney, and Irish actor Catriona Balfe (watch out!!). and Irish fashion guru Caroline Morahan (dream come true). Also we had the pleasure of meeting Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw again at the OSCAR WILDE party 3 years after first meeting them in Ireland. The famous director told the brothers they did 'a great set' after their performance, and Kate Capshaw danced suggestively with Owen and gave Moley a big hug!

We met LOTS of other people who looked really famous, but we didn't know who they were...but we will educate ourselves for next time! thanks again for reading. rock on.