New York, L.A, Nashville and Warhorse

Smiley People!
Thanks for checking out another Size2shoes blog! We have epic amounts of news that we will be conveying to you over the next few weeks. First is that Moley & Owen have finally made the move to New York City and will be here until the summer. The brothers got legal alien status and will be organising gigs all over the USA in the coming months. Watch this space, and like us on Facebook if you haven't already

Now for some bad news before we get on with the good news...Owen & Moley were ended up on the cutting room floor of Spielberg's latest movie WARHORSE:( The brothers were slightly disappointed but that's the reality of showbiz! Here's a sneaky article that ended up in the Independent!

The Irish brother duo just arrived back from performing with the legendary poet/speaker David Whyte in Monterey Bay, California. What a privilege to perform with a world famous artist with such a varied and enthusiastic following. Size2shoes love that wacky bunch.

Also we will be sending you snippets of our new album as we are finishing it in the next few months. Size2shoes are taking a trip to Los Angeles to meet high powered record executives who will fawn in amazement at the elemental power of the brothers o Suilleabhain (size2shoes) in full musical flight. Those meetings are scheduled for Valentines day...(insert bad pun here). A trip to the music town Nashville is on the cards too,will keep you posted.

Ireland we are thinking of you, also we miss our Irish mammy Noirin! Also our good father, the nutty Professor O Suilleabhain deserves a shout out here too.