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Our People!
There is a birds nest squawking outside Moley's window, the daffodils are screaming in your face and the Dalai Lama is visiting Ireland this month! For all us Irish people the time has come, after a soggy winter the sun, and life, is returning. Do something special this summer is our advice.

Greetings from the west coast. Size2shoes have been busy brothers. Eoin & Moley head for NYC to record later this month, but first they have some bidniss to attend to around the highways and byways of Ireland.

'Éigse Michael Hartnett', a festival dedicated to one of the great Irish poets is taking place in Newcastewest, county Limerick, from 14th-16th April. Eoin & Moley have been visiting schools in that famous town performing rap and beatbox workshops and generally rocking out with the kids and having a mad laugh. Check out the website for the festival, and there is a great line up of writers, poets, and musicians including David Whyte, Fanny Howe, Paul Durcan, Brian Kennedy, and Juliet Turner. Size2shoes are delighted to be working with the Limerick County Arts Office on this festival.

Then s2s jet off across the pond to NYC to work on a recording with a cool producer and musician called JJ Appleton. JJ is everything one would expect from a shit cool producer, he can talk at length about pretty much nothing, is good at giving compliments, wears glasses, loves cowbell, and he lives in New York city. With a cv like that the brothers didnt even have to listen to his past musical productions, they knew JJ was an obvious choice with whom to pursue some sonic mischief. Seriously, we are very lucky to be near this dude, Click here to find out more about this extremely accomplished music producer and singer. Big up to another producer we are working with, Great Big Sea Dude Alan Doyle in Newfoundland, who is also inextricably linked to the Size2shoes movement (click to find out why...)

Eoin & Moleys mum, Dr. Noirin Ni Riain, is singing for the Dalai Lama on both days of his visit to Ireland (13th/14th Apri) unfortunately all tickets to both events are sold out. Moley is playing a drum with her for a song at the citywest hotel in Dublin! I wonder if the Dalai Lama would like to join Size2shoes on their trip to New York? No harm in asking eh?! will keep you posted

Big shout out to all the Limerick city folk who attended our gig last Saturday night. A real pleasure.