To thine own self be true: HOW GOOD CAN YOU STAND IT???

We have changed the name of our website! The ubiquitous will now be!!

We have 'grown out' of the name Size2shoes, though this creative incarnation will always be part of our artistic identity:) From here on in we shall be known as Owen & Moley o Suilleabhain!

To Thine Own Self be True

Citizens of the universe, friends old and new, we hope this letter finds you contented and thriving.

You are most welcome back to the highly irregular diary entry from the O Súilleabháin brothers, Moley & Owen :)

New York city is a darling place. This urban mandala has been a growing place for Owen & Moley, and has certainly put them on a fast track of creative and emotional growth since arriving in the USA last January (almost 1 year in NYC!). Hurricane Sandy hit the state of New York pretty hard. We are lucky to have survived with no damage whatsoever, apart from 7 days without power as lower Manhattan went dark for the best part of a week. We are privileged to be counted as part of this community of New Yorkers, and every cliche about this city is utterly true. Goodbye hurricane Sandy, and good riddance…

Tis hard to believe that August was the last time we sent out an epistle on our progress as singing human beings and brothers. While the heat and humidity of a Manhattan summer was, and ever will be, a shock to the Irish constitution, the types of performances that the lads are appearing at simply speak for themselves, We are still performing the heady mix of musical styles that is intoxicating and unpredictable for audiences, this mix of Gregorian Chant, Irish sean nos (acapella ancient Irish song), and our original pop songs has a deep effect on all types of audience. We also have a growing repertoire of stories, as we travel the world reading the signs and finding our way in the world...

While we do not pretend to be have the ability to tell the future, we can relate to you a version of what has happened to us in our recent past. One constant is the people who are looking out for us. To those whom we have collaborated with, performed for, those who we have listened to and been guided by. We thank you. So much has revealed the invisible help that was there all along. This help is there in your life too! Only when you receive it will you realise that it was there for you all along. So much is left unsaid between us all, and we have seen people act beyond words and beyond the call of duty during the last year. It is a privilege for us to perform our traditional and sacred song swell as our original pop songs. We find that we continue to be allowed to continue. Thank you!! :)

Quick descriptions of some of the places and things we perform for! Take a deep breath…

--- We travelled home to the west coast of Ireland in July to accompany the poet David Whyte's outrageously beautiful 7 day walking/poetry tour of the Burren in County Clare. Another 7 halcyon daze with Mr. Whyte and another incredible group of searchers, party animals, and poets. We also travelled to Tuscany with Mr. Whyte to accompany his 7 day walking/poetry tour of the region…we met some new friends here as we giggled through another week of walking through vineyards contemplating on themes of abundance...

--- We performed a kids show & an 'adults' show at The Half Moon Theatre in Cork too last July at the invitation of The Cork Opera House.

--- We performed with David Whyte, the renowned poet, twice!

--- We got two teeny tiny non speaking roles in the movie 'A Winters Tale' being shot here in Manhattan, directed by living legend Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Minde, iRobot, I am Legend) starring Colin Farrell (Owen's hero), Will Smith (Moley's hero), and Russell Crowe (general hero!!)

--- We did 2 concerts in San Antonio in partnership with a module on Innovative Leadership at The University of Texas (our first gig in that state!)

---- We visited Seattle and San Francisco on a tour of ecological retreat centres on the west coast! Lots of bio diesel cars, sustainable consciousness and REALLY amazing people...

United Nations

--- The lads performed for 20 United Nations Ambassadors at the residence of the Irish Ambassador to the UN, Ann Anderson, at an intimate event geared towards Ireland achieving a nomination to the Human rights council.

--- Did a show for 80 kids for an after school programme for The United Palace Cathedral in Washington Heights (NYC)! We also performed 2 kids shows for the San Francisco School (San Francisco).

--- We did a series of house concerts and performed 2 UNBELIEVABLY cool concerts at the Centre for Spiritual Living ( in Seattle with the wonderful poet and speaker Libby Wagner. We will return here, what a wonderful audience and inspired ethos in this place of inter religious and progressive worship! These people are intent on fun, joy, and

--- We travelled to Minnesota for the first time! Performing at an event organised by Wisdom Ways ( and a fundraiser for a heavenly charity called The Mama Ada Founation ( Big thanks to Camp Cahill too for holding us in the palm of their hand. Wisdom Ways are bringing us BACK to the twin cities in February 2013 to perform with our mother Dr. Noirin Ni Riain for a St. Brigids day concert and workshop! God bless Minnesota.

--- Did a couple of great concerts in Los Angeles at the salonesque Fox residence, Sony Studios with the Irish Technology Leadership Group Awards, and The Mountain Mermaid venue in Topanga Canyon

--- We got to sing backing vocals and beatboxm and hang out with STING at the Gramercy Theatre, NYC. We performed as part of a concert organised by Canadian rocker Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea) and actor Russell Crowe (load of movies) in NYC last month, STING turned up to sing a song at the finale. Our connection with Mr. Crowe & Mr. Doyle rumbles on… also appearing at that concert was actors/singers Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand, and Samantha Barks. All unbelievable talents. Then on October 13th The Indoor Garden Party returned to Joe's Pub, a classic NYC venue, and we performed 2 shows in one night with Mr. Crowe and Mr. Doyle et al. Hugh Jackman appeared as a guest that night and he put his arm around Moley (swoon).

Russell Crowe on the Set of "Winter's Tale"

-- We appeared in a movie with Mr. Crowe called Winters Tale! Being shot here in NYC. Winters Tale, a Mark Helperin fictional modern novel is being directed by screenwriter extraordinaire Akiva Goldsman. Owen & Moley play 2 non speaking roles skulking around behind Russell as he plays the bad guy in the movie called 'Pearly Soames'. Owen & Moley played a few tunes and rapped with Will Smith too (who is also appearing in Winters Tale). Here is a photo of us with RC and Kevin Corrigan and Alan Doyle as the gang of 'short tails' in the movie!!

What you have just read is a quick rundown of some of the shows we have done in the last few months. Its a lot to take in, so feel free to read this blog several times until it has all sunken in. If STING is reading this…you were amazing, bring us on tour with you! Or you can come with us too if your bored or whatever… now onto more in depth dissection of people, places, and things that have happened to us:

Big shot LA director decides to shoot a documentary on Owen & Moley!

Scott Garen

Scott Garen is a walking legend and member of the elite Topanga Canyon community of Los Angeles. We were first introduced to Scott Garen when we first arrived in America last January, he has seen us perform several times with the poet David Whyte and at a couple of our house concerts in LA and beyond. He and his long time collaborating partner, hollywood film score composer, Jeff Rona, have decided to produce a feature length documentary/journey movie about Moley & Owen! The idea is that Owen & Moley sing 10 songs in 10 locations throughout the world and collaborate with a few musicians along the way. While we were last in LA, Mr. Garen and Mr. Rona created a several minute featurette with footage of a great concert we did in Topanga Canyons 'The Mountain Mermaid' venue where we collaborated with 2 amazing musicians on double bass & Fiddle! Footage to come soon, watch this space…we love you Los Angeles!!

The brothers found themselves back in LA at the invitation of The Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) annual networking event which took place at Sony studios. Obviously this was an unreal opportunity to perform for the LA Irish technology mafia and we really enjoyed the crazily glitzy event and hope to rock them again in the future.

Our album of ecstatic pop (soon to be) hits 'Happy Songs' NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES & CDBABY

Well this is a momentous announcement, our second Size2shoes album is now available for you to buy! This album is the reason we came to NYC in the first place last summer. This album of our original pop songs is the second offering from the part of our consciousness that we call SIZE2SHOES. Our goal as western pop singers is, and ever shall be, to create inspirational and enthusiastic songs about life and all the baggage that goes with it! The album is produced by the brilliant JJ Appleton ( and the executive producer is the legendary Russell Crowe. It is these 'Happy Songs' that have opened so many doors to us before we left Ireland, and it is a pleasure to offer it to you through this medium of our wacky and verbose blog! If you wish to download our album, or simply have a listen, follow this link (ITUNES) (CDBABY). If you wish to order a hard copy that will be delivered to your abode then click here (CDBABY)

THE 2 WEDDINGS, Andrea & Owen O Súilleabháin!

Thankfully, the seismic the marriage ceremony of Owen & Andrea in mid August was a complete success. Friends and family gathered in Buffalo, NY on the 13th August 2012 to seal the deal between Owen & Andrea (or as the tabloid papers will soon be calling them 'O-Dre'). The Laidman family were marvellously dignified considering that they were giving away one of the most exceptional women in the universe. A beautiful beautiful happening occurred and Owen began to cry during his vows… Moley's Best Man Speech was a roaring success, so much so that he repeated the same speech verbatim for the Irish ceremony 2 weeks later on the 26th of August 2012 in Limerick city. Thanks to everyone who attended and sent messages and gifts!

Hugh Jackman