We Want Spring! 2014 blog February 20 2014

"The Heart Wants What It Wants - Or Else It Does Not Care"...

Emily Dickinson

Thanks for reading!

The globe upon which we all find ourselves upon is still spinning celestially and one thing is for sure, we are ALL in this together….


As we here enter another cosmic revolution there is so much we are thankful for. We have sung our hearts out for so many people all over this country and beyond. Please read on to find a glimpse of what we've been up to..

Together In Faith… Upcoming gig: Celtic Soul Experience Workshop & Concert, St. Louis, MO, March 7th & 8th 2014

We are being hosted by The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet to perform a day long workshop with the mighty speaker and inspirational author Kimberley Schneider on March 8th. We are being hosted for a concert on the night before too on March 7th. Really looking forward to this and honored to work with the sisters and Kimberly. Please come along for your jollification and delight…



Our new album…Filleadh:Echoes of Ancient Ireland & Around The World


 Filleadh means to go out, but also to come back. It implies a retracing of a path already walked, a return. Since moving to America at the start of 2012, we have been challenged and inspired to return to our heritage, and to come back to the story and music that brought us to where we are today.

We recorded Filleadh in January 2013 in Glenstal Abbey, County Limerick. This place has been a second home to us throughout our lives. As kids we ran around the castle grounds; later we both attended the Glenstal boarding school for six years...Our parents recorded three albums with the Glenstal monks in the 1980’s that mixed Gregorian chant and other ancient hymns with Irish traditional song.Filleadh, this our first album of acapella sacred song  does much the same, almost thirty years later...



Concert at Ballymaloe House with our dad Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin!

Our father the eminent composer, musicologist, and pianist!

We were in Ireland for Christmas week and did an evening performance at Ballymaloe's world class Grainstore Theatre. The Allen family run Ballymaloe House, and it has been the culinary center for traditional Irish cuisine.


It was our second time performing at Ballymaloe with our father, the Irish composer and virtuoso pianist, Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin. This was a rare appearance with our father and, if we may be so bold, we took the house down. A variety of music and lots of fun. Great gig for the whole family too! 



Our performances with David Whyte


We performed with the stellar poet David Whyte several times in 2013, we travelled to Ireland in July to accompany his annual walking tour of The Burren, and we accompanied his trip to Tuscany too once again in August.  we will accompany him on both tours again in summer 2014! Recently we performed with him at his weekend retreat on Bainbridge Island, Seattle, at Kripalu Yoga centre in the Berkeshires, MA. We just got back from his weekend at Asilomar in California too in mid January!


We are so inspired by Davids speaking and his sense of mischief and wonder. Our apprenticeship with him these past years has been so fruitful for us on so many levels. Here's to many more years of learning from the best…Fair play to you David Whyte.



Our trip to Australia for more Indoor Garden Party's

Mr. Crowe in the forthcoming, resoundingly epic movie, 'NOAH'.


Well, Mr. Crowe rounded up the troops once again for 4 concerts in the picturesque Australian town of Coffs Harbour, six hour drive north of Sydney. We have hung out with Russell several times during this year as he has been in and out of NYC shooting movies like a man possessed! Watch out for Russell as he stars in the edgy biblical epic NOAH coming out in 2014!


Look out for us in Winters Tale movie! 


Owen and Moley appear as henchmen to Russell Crowes demonic 'Pearly Soames' character in the magical 'Winters Tale' movie coming out on Valentines day 2014 in the USA (Feb 21st in Europe!).

Colin Farrell plays the hero  and Will Smith plays Lucifer himself! Good thing Owen & Moley found time to battle rap and beatbox with Will Smith during an evening encounter on set of the movie last year. Word on the street is Will Smith got served, but this rumor is unconfirmed ;)


The movie Winters Tale is set in NYC in 1916 and the present day. So Colin Farrell does a bit of time traveling somewhere along the way and there is a flying white horse too, as well as Russell Crowe doing a hardcore Irish accent…so its an all round must see.

Once again, if you reached the end of this message we commend you. If you have any tips or booking enquiries for us do reach out to us! We would love to hear from you...


There you have it, Short and Sweet! Just like life! 

Hope you enjoy clicking around our new website,




Thine ever,

Owen & Micheal P O Suilleabhain

This is the summer of our dreams to come… May 20 2013


Owen and Moley’s blog is here again to act as air-conditioning for your soul (or your money back!). Thanks for reading our latest account of the prescient summer season. Both Owen and Moley are in flying form as they perform

Good tidings people of the World! April 16 2013

wake up

Hello from Owen and Moley—here again to give you a fleeting glimpse of our last few months! We hope you will read this account of our antics and find in it what you need to tame a world gone mad.

Things have gladly calmed down a bit, but a mental March (St. Patrick’s Month), still rings in our ears. We hope your taxes are in order! We scraped by surprisingly well…considering our combined financial consciousness resembles that of a very intelligent 7 year old child…..

ST. PATRICK'S MONTH IS HERE The summer approacheth! March 07 2013


Yes, we just used the word ‘aproacheth’…why? WHY NOT!

Well Owen and Moley have been surfing the currents of more remarkable people and performances since the last time we sent out this mostly contritional newsletter! Here in New York City the snowstorm came and went, and we have much good tidings to relay to you wherever you are in the world!

To thine own self be true: HOW GOOD CAN YOU STAND IT??? January 15 2013

To Thine Own Self be True

We have changed the name of our website! The ubiquitous www.size2shoes.com will now be OwenandMoley.com!!

We have 'grown out' of the name Size2shoes, though this creative incarnation will always be part of our artistic identity:) From here on in we shall be known as Owen & Moley o Suilleabhain!

Life has a funny way…Rendezvous with Size2shoes August 13 2012


'Just another ordinary extraordinary day' – John McGahern

Hello and welcome to another size2shoes blog :)
We bid you good morrow from our Size2shoes HQ. Please read on for a systematically chaotic version of events that have happened and will happen to these Irish best friends, who happen to be brothers…
How are you? Whats going on? We don’t know…. :)

The Music of What Happens May 31 2012


The continued story of Owen & Moley

Good Morrow fellow human beings!

It's warming up! April 30 2012


Readers, writers, and citizens of the universe!
Here is the tip of the iceberg...

Kismet: Size2Shoes in L.A. March 06 2012


And so no sooner were Moley & Eoin ensconced in the arms of Manhattan island, New York City, that they again took up arms and headed for the Mount Olympus of performing arts, Los Angeles.

New York, L.A, Nashville and Warhorse January 30 2012

Smiley People!
Thanks for checking out another Size2shoes blog! We have epic amounts of news that we will be conveying to you over the next few weeks. First is that Moley & Owen have finally made the move to New York City and will be here until the summer. The brothers got legal alien status and will be organising gigs all over the USA in the coming months. Watch this space, and like us on Facebook if you haven't already

Now for some bad news before we get on with the good news...Owen & Moley were ended up on the cutting room floor of Spielberg's latest movie WARHORSE:( The brothers were slightly disappointed but that's the reality of showbiz! Here's a sneaky article that ended up in the Independent!

The Irish brother duo just arrived back from performing with the legendary poet/speaker David Whyte in Monterey Bay, California. What a privilege to perform with a world famous artist with such a varied and enthusiastic following. Size2shoes love that wacky bunch.

Also we will be sending you snippets of our new album as we are finishing it in the next few months. Size2shoes are taking a trip to Los Angeles to meet high powered record executives who will fawn in amazement at the elemental power of the brothers o Suilleabhain (size2shoes) in full musical flight. Those meetings are scheduled for Valentines day...(insert bad pun here). A trip to the music town Nashville is on the cards too,will keep you posted.

Ireland we are thinking of you, also we miss our Irish mammy Noirin! Also our good father, the nutty Professor O Suilleabhain deserves a shout out here too.